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Titles and Headings


Brenda Gregoline

Titles and Headings

UPDATE: Effective January 18, 2012, our preference for "Web site" will be changed to a preference for "website." (Section 10.2, page 372 in the print.) We will also use "webcast" for "webcam." Caps will be retained on mention of World Wide Web, however. This change was made January 18, 2012.

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Capitalize major words in titles, subtitles, and headings of publications, musical compositions, plays (stage and screen), radio and television programs, movies, paintings and other works of art, software programs, websites and weblogs, electronic systems, trademarks, and names of ships, airplanes, spacecraft, awards, corporations, and monuments.

Do not capitalize a coordinating conjunction, an article, or a preposition of 3 or fewer letters, except when it is the first or last word in a title or subtitle. (For more on typeface rules when referring to works of art, see 22.5.4, Typography, Specific Uses of Fonts, Italics, and 8.6.3, Punctuation, Quotation Marks, Titles.)

All My Children


the Cochrane Database

the Monitor and the Merrimac

the USS Cole

My Man Godfrey

the space shuttle Endeavor

the New England Journal of Medicine

The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi


Lucian Freud’s Girl With a White Dog


Golden Globe Award

The Sopranos


Symphony No. 8, “Symphony of a Thousand,” by Gustav Mahler

the Journal of the American Medical Association

the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

the Kitty Hawk


The Lasker Award


the Lincoln Memorial

World Wide Web (the Web, website)


MeSH [Medical Subject Headings]

Note: The may be dropped from titles if the syntax of the sentence improves without it.

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