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Harriet S. Meyer


  • Thrombosis may be regarded as an accident of
  • nature that has not had time to adapt through the
  • lengthy process of evolution to the advances of
  • modern medicine, which allow patients to survive
  • the hemostatic challenge of major surgery and
  • trauma but leave them vulnerable to venous
  • thrombosis.
  •    R. W. Colman et al1(p3)
  • …each milliliter of blood contains enough clotting
  • material to clot all the fibrinogen in the body in 10 to
  • 15 s.
  •     R. I. Handin2(p340)

Hemostasis consists of platelet plug formation (primary hemostasis) and blood coagulation (secondary hemostasis, coagulation, clotting). Hemostasis and its control involve complex interactions of more than 50 procoagulants and anticoagulants. Description of hemostatic processes depends on consistent use of terms.

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