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Capitalization After a Greek Letter 

Greek Letters

Brenda Gregoline

Capitalization After a Greek Letter

In titles, subtitles (except in references), headings, table column heads, line art, and at the beginning of sentences, the first non-Greek letter after a lowercase Greek letter should be capitalized.

β-Blocker use during pregnancy increases the risk that an infant will be small for gestational age.

Do not capitalize the Greek letter itself, unless the word itself normally includes a Greek capital letter. In this case, the first non-Greek letter after the capital letter should be lowercased.

β-Hemolytic streptococci were identified.

Δ1-3,4-trans-tetrahydrocannabinol is 1 of 2 psychoactive isometric principles in cannabis.

For hyphenation in words that contain Greek letters, consult Special Combinations in 8.3.1, Punctuation, Hyphens and Dashes, Hyphen.

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