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Abbreviating Number 

Numbers and Percentages

Stephen J. Lurie

and Margaret A. Winker

Abbreviating Number

The word number may be abbreviated No. in the body of tables and line art or in the text when used as a specific designator. Do not use the number sign (#) in place of the abbreviation. The word number should always be spelled out when it is used as a proper noun (eg, “Social Security number”).



No. of participants



A No. 10 catheter was placed in the femoral artery.

When referring to numbers of individuals in a study—in tables, figures, and within parentheses—the abbreviation N is used when referring to the entire sample; n refers to a subsample. (See also 20.9, Study Design and Statistics, Glossary of Statistical Terms.)

Patients were enrolled at each study site (N = 2758) and randomly assigned to intervention (n = 1378) or placebo (n=1380).

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