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Editorial Responsibilities, Roles, Procedures, and Policies

Ethical and Legal Considerations

Annette Flanagin

Editorial Responsibilities, Roles, Procedures, and Policies

  • I believe the editor is the primary source for ethical
  • responsibility among professional publications.
  •    George D. Lundberg, MD1

Coupled with the autonomy and authority that come with editorial freedom are responsibility and accountability (see also 5.10, Editorial Freedom and Integrity).2-5 Editors are responsible for determining the journal’s content, ensuring the quality of the journal, directing editorial staff and board members, developing and maintaining procedures, and creating and enforcing policies that allow the publication to meet its mission and goals effectively, efficiently, and ethically and in a fiscally responsible manner.2-7 This section focuses primarily on decision-making editors (ie, editors in chief and other editors, such as deputy, associate, assistant, contributing, section, and guest editors) who make decisions to review, reject, request revision of, and accept content for publication.

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