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Review Articles 

Types of Articles

Richard M. Glass

Review Articles

Review articles collate and summarize the available information about a particular topic, in contrast to reports of original data. Review articles have great practical importance because clinicians often use them as guides for clinical decisions. This use highlights the importance of ensuring that reviews are systematic, include all relevant data, and are not overly influenced by the opinions and biases of the authors. Thus, review articles should specify the methods used to search for, select, synthesize, and summarize the information.4 Some reviews employ meta-analysis, statistical techniques that combine quantitative results from independent studies. (See 20.4, Study Design and Statistics, Meta-analysis.) Structured abstracts for review articles give authors a helpful framework for the information that should be provided and enable readers to grasp quickly the methods, main findings, and conclusions of the review. (See 2.5.1, Manuscript Preparation, Abstract, Structured Abstracts for Systematic Reviews [Including Meta-analyses].)

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