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Cheryl Iverson


Ellipses are 3 spaced dots (… ) generally used to indicate omission of 1 or more words, lines, paragraphs, or data from quoted material (this omission being the ellipsis). Excerpts from the following paragraph will be used to demonstrate the use of ellipses.

In Fruit Displayed on a Stand (cover), exhibited in 1882, Caillebotte depicts a traditional subject in a manner far removed from the traditional cornucopian flow of fruit. Instead, he shows a stark, rectangular grid lit by centers of rounded forms, brilliantly colored. Vivid oranges, reds, and purples, light greens, creamy violets, and color-flecked gold are cupped within areas of crinkly blue-white paper, the cooler shades in the center separating the hotter tones, preventing them from spilling into each other.5

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