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Figures Reproduced or Adapted From Other Sources 

Visual Presentation of Data

Stacy Christiansen

Figures Reproduced or Adapted From Other Sources

It is preferable to use original figures rather than those already published. When use of a previously published illustration, photograph, or other figure is determined necessary, written permission to reproduce it must be obtained from the copyright holder (usually the publisher). The original source should be acknowledged in the legend. If the original source in which the illustration has been published is included in the reference list, the reference may be cited in the legend, with the citation number for the reference corresponding to its first appearance in the text, tables, or figures (see 4.1.3, Table Components, Footnotes, and 3.6, References, Citation). Permission should be obtained to reproduce the material in print, online, and all licensed versions (eg, reprints). It may be necessary to include additional information to comply with specific language required by the organization (usually a publisher) granting permission to republish the figure.

Reprinted with permission from the American Academy of Pediatrics.5

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