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Reporting Funding and Other Support

Ethical and Legal Considerations

Annette Flanagin

Reporting Funding and Other Support

In addition to individual financial conflicts of interest, authors should report all financial and material support for the work reported in the manuscript. This includes, but is not limited to, grant support and funding, provision of equipment and supplies, and other paid contributions.2,3 All financial and material support should be indicated in the Acknowledgment section of the manuscript, along with detailed information on the roles of each funding source or sponsor (see also 5.2.6, Acknowledgments, Funding and Role of Sponsors). In addition, all individuals who provided other important paid contributions should be identified, with their names and affiliations listed in the Acknowledgment section of the manuscript, or as authors if they meet the full criteria for authorship. These contributions include the work of employed or compensated writers, editors, statisticians, epidemiologists, and others involved with manuscript preparation, data management, and analyses.4 Acknowledgment of such contributions should be specific and may include information on funding. For example, JAMA requires authors to include information about each nonauthor contributor’s role/contribution, academic degree(s), affiliation, and indication if compensation was received for each person named in the Acknowledgment section (see also, 5.2.1, Acknowledgments, Acknowledging Support, Assistance, and Contributions of Those Who Are Not Authors).

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