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Standards for Commercial Reprints and E-prints

Ethical and Legal Considerations

Annette Flanagin

Standards for Commercial Reprints and E-prints

Pharmaceutical and device companies, institutions, and other organizations may purchase nonexclusive rights to reproduce scientific articles as reprints, or provide access to these as e-prints, as single articles or collections of articles, to help market their products. A reprint is the republication of an article or collection of articles in which the content is unchanged from the original publication (except perhaps for the inclusion of postpublication corrections). An e-print is a digital reproduction of or an online link to an article or collection of articles, usually PDF files(s). (See also 5.12.7, Advertisements, Advertorials, Sponsorship, Supplements, Reprints, and E-prints; Reprints and E-prints.) These sponsored materials often are produced and distributed by custom publishing companies and marketing agencies. To ensure the quality of these reprints and e-prints and to protect the integrity of the scientific journals that originally published the articles, the publishers and editors of JAMA and the Archives Journals have developed standards for sponsored reprints and e-prints (Box 2).56

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