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Editorial Assessment and Processing

Richard M. Glass


The page proofs are checked by a proofreader and by the manuscript editor. In a traditional publishing process, the proofreader checks the manuscript copy word for word against the typeset copy, alerting the manuscript editor to any discrepancies (see 23.0, Manuscript Editing and Proofreading). In an electronic processing system, the role of the proofreader has changed. The proofreader may look only for line breaks and problems that arose through improper coding (eg, space problems or incorrect font) or page makeup (eg, misplaced blocks of type or improper line justification). The manuscript editor, reviewing editor, and/or author may perform the word-for-word reading once done by a proofreader. Revised page proofs can be generated and checked again by a proofreader. Content for electronic publication should also be reviewed and compared with print content for errors and missing elements before release.

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