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Editorial Assessment and Processing

Richard M. Glass


At the same time as the manuscript editing and composition of articles for an issue are proceeding, advertisements are scheduled for specific issues, and possibly for specific positions in an issue (eg, back cover or facing the table of contents). Advertising sales and placement should be administratively separate from all editorial functions to ensure that there is no influence by an advertiser on any editorial decisions. As stated by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors,29 editors must have full and final authority for approving advertisements and enforcing advertising policies. Staff members responsible for issue makeup should ensure that there is no inadvertent link between advertisements and articles—for instance, that no advertisement for an antihypertension medication appears next to a research report on hypertension (see 5.12, Ethical and Legal Considerations, Advertisements, Advertorials, Sponsorship, Supplements, Reprints and e-Prints).

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