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Editorial Assessment and Processing

Richard M. Glass


Errors are an inevitable part of the publishing process. Fortunately, authors or readers commonly call them to the journal’s attention, or they are found during the internal quality-review process, and corrections can be published. In JAMA, corrections are printed at the end of the Letters to the Editor section and are listed in the Table of Contents. Corrections should be indexed, with a cross-reference to the original article. This will enable online database services (such as MEDLINE) to link indexed articles with published corrections (see 5.11.8, Ethical and Legal Considerations, Editorial Responsibilities, Roles, Procedures, and Policies, Correspondence [Letters to the Editor], and 5.11.9, Legal and Ethical Considerations, Editorial Responsibilities, Roles, Procedures, and Policies, Corrections [Errata]). Corrections should also be linked from the article to the correction on the journal’s website and appended to the article PDF. If online-only corrections are made or corrections are made online before appearing in print, the change and date should be indicated in the electronic file.

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