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Coined Words, Slang 


Cheryl Iverson

Coined Words, Slang

Coined words, slang, nicknames, and words or phrases used ironically or facetiously may be enclosed in quotation marks at first mention. Thereafter, omit quotation marks. (See also 22.5.4, Typography, Specific Uses of Fonts, Italics.)

We further hope that, above all, those who have been fed only “docufiction” on this matter, as if it were truth, will cease to be misled.

Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics is not a … synopsis of or a companion to the Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics, although initially our associates dubbed it “Baby Nelson,” “Half Nelson,” and “Junior Nelson.”4

It has been said that shoes and latrines are the best “medicine” for ancylostomiasis (hookworm disease).

Do not use quotation marks when emphasizing a word, when using a non–English word, when mentioning a term as a term, or when defining a term. In these instances, italics is preferred. (See also 22.5.4, Typography, Specific Uses of Fonts, Italics.)

The page number is called the folio.

The eye associated with the greater reduction in hitting ability when dimmed by a filter was termed the dominant eye for motion stereopsis.

Pulsus paradoxus is defined as an exaggeration of the physiologic inspiratory drop in systolic blood pressure.

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