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Change in Capitalization 


Cheryl Iverson

Change in Capitalization

The first word after the end punctuation mark and the ellipses should use the original capitalization, particularly in legal and scholarly documents. This facilitates finding the material in the original source and avoids any change of meaning. If a change in the original capitalization is made, brackets should be used around the letter in question. (See also 8.5.2, Brackets, Insertions in Quotations, and 8.6.1, Quotation Marks, Quotations.)

[H]e shows a stark, rectangular grid lit by centers of rounded forms, brilliantly colored.

In the cover story, the artist is described as using “[v]ivid oranges, reds, and purples, light greens, creamy violets, and color-flecked gold” to depict “a traditional subject.”

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