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Medical Indexes

Bruce McGregor

and Harriet S. Meyer


Cross-references are valuable for terms that readers might seek in different alphabetic locations (last example from Thomas10).

cDNA. See under DNA

DNA dsDNA. See under DNA

mtDNA. See under DNA

DNA, 5, 300–310, 999

 cDNA, 24, 356

 dsDNA, 24–25, 356, 900

 mtDNA, 660

DTH. See hypersensitivity reactions, type IV

DTH skin test, 1010–1022, 1012f, 103110

Cross-references are also used for synonyms:

proaccelerin. See factor V

Stuart factor. See factor X

T cell. See T lymphocyte

In the middle example, if Stuart factor were used in text concerning the history of factor X, a see also reference might be more appropriate:

factor X, 410–425. See also Stuart factor

Stuart factor, 418, 563

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