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Radiopharmaceutical Compounds Without Approved Names 


Margaret A. Winker

Radiopharmaceutical Compounds Without Approved Names

Compounds may be combined with radioisotopes for research purposes. Such compounds would not receive an INN if no commercial use is intended. In lieu of an INN, standard chemical nomenclature should be followed (see 15.9.1, Elements, or consult the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics2 for more information).

After first mention, the name of the substance can be abbreviated. Use the superscript form of the isotope number to the left of the element symbol. Enclose the isotope symbol in brackets and close up with the compound name if the nonradioactive isotope of the element is normally part of the compound.

glucose labeled with radioactive carbon (14C) [or glucose tagged with carbon 14]

[14C]glucose (not glucose C 14)

Use no brackets and separate the element and compound name with a hyphen if the compound does not normally contain the isotope element.

amikacin labeled with iodine 125


If uncertain as to whether the isotope element is normally part of a compound, consult the USP Dictionary1 for drugs and The Merck Index3 for other compounds.

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