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Names of Journals


Cheryl Iverson

Names of Journals

Abbreviate and italicize names of journals. Use initial capital letters. Abbreviate according to the listing in the PubMed Journals database (see also 14.10, Abbreviations, Names of Journals). Include parenthetical designation of a city if it is included in the PubMed abbreviation, for example, Medicine (Baltimore), Ann Urol (Paris). Information enclosed in brackets should be retained without brackets, eg, J Comp Physiol A for J Comp Physiol [A].

If the name of a journal has changed since the time the reference was published, use the name of the journal at the time of publication. For example, the journal formerly called Transactions of the Ophthalmological Societies of the United Kingdom is now called Eye. If a citation was from the older-named journal, do not change the journal name to Eye; use the former title: Trans Ophthalmol Soc U K. When the name has not changed but the abbreviation used by PubMed has changed (eg, Br Med J to BMJ), use the abbreviation in use by PubMed at the time the reference was published (so, Br Med J through 1987; BMJ from 1988 forward). This policy will ensure that the online links to the citation will work.

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