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Harriet S. Meyer


Available radiologic glossaries include the following1:

  • Thoracic radiology: “Glossary of Terms for Thoracic Radiology”2

  • Computed tomography of the lung: “Glossary of Terms for CT of the Lungs”3

  • Breast imaging: BI-RADS Atlas4

  • Magnetic resonance: ACR Glossary of MRI Terms,5 Glossary of Magnetic Resonance Terms6

  • Ultrasonography: Recommended Ultrasound Terminology7

  • General, for laypersons and nonspecialists: RadiologyInfo8

In addition to the terminology explained in this section, see 11.1, Correct and Preferred Usage of Common Words and Phrases, for terms such as radiography, radiology, radiograph, and film; 14.14, Abbreviations, Radioactive Isotopes, and 15.9, Isotopes; and 18.0, Units of Measure, for units such as H (Hounsfield) and keV (kiloelectron volt).

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