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Small Caps 


Annette Flanagin

Small Caps

In this typeface style, all the letters take the shape of a capital letter. However, in the place of lowercase letters, smaller capital letters are used. The small caps generally, but not always, align with the same x-height as the regular roman face, in the same typeface. Use small capital letters as follows:

  • am and pm in time (see also 18.5.3, Units of Measure, Conventional Units and SI Units in JAMA and the Archives Journals, Time)

  • bc, bce, ce, and ad (see also 14.3, Abbreviations, Days of the Week, Months, Eras)

  • Some prefixes in chemical formulas (l for levo-, d for dextro-) (see also 15.4.4, Nomenclature, Drugs, Chemical Names, and 15.10, Nomenclature, Molecular Medicine)

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