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Manuscript Preparation

Cheryl Iverson


Capitalize the first letter of each major word in titles and subtitles. Do not capitalize articles (eg, a, an, the), prepositions of 3 or fewer letters, coordinating conjunctions (and, or, for, nor, but), or the to in infinitives. Do capitalize a 2-letter verb, such as Is or Be. Exceptions are made for some expressions, such as compound terms from languages other than English and phrasal verbs:

Ethical Questions Surrounding In Vitro Fertilization

Permanent Duplex Surveillance of In Situ Saphenous Vein Bypasses

Choice of Stents and End Points for Treatment of De Novo Coronary Artery Lesions

Weighing In on Bariatric Surgery

Researchers Size Up Nanotechnology Risks

Universal Screening for Tuberculosis Infection: School’s Out!

See 10.0, Capitalization, for overall guidelines. For capitalization of hyphenated compounds, see 10.2, Capitalization, Titles and Headings.

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