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Software Manual or Guide


Cheryl Iverson

Software Manual or Guide

In citing a print software manual or guide, use the following form, which follows that for citation of a book (see 3.12.1, References to Print Books, Complete Data).

  • 1. Bott E, Leonhard W. Special Edition Using Microsoft Office XP. Indianapolis, IN: Que; 2001.

  • 2. Dean AG, Dean JA, Coulombier D, et al. Epi Info, Version 6: A Word-Processing, Database, and Statistics Program for Public Health on IBM-Compatible Microcomputers. Atlanta, GA: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; 1994.

  • 3. Dixon WJ, Brown MB, Engelman L, Jennirch RI, eds. BMDP Statistical Software Manual. Los Angeles: University of California Press; 1990.

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