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Unsigned Editorials, Anonymous Authors, Pseudonymous Authors.  

Annette Flanagin

in AMA Manual of Style: A Guide for Authors and Editors (11th ed.)

Print Publication Year: 
Feb 2020
Published Online: 
Feb 2020
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The practice of publishing unsigned or anonymous editorials provides “vituperative editorialists” protection from adversaries or competitors when taking unpopular stands in the pages of their journals.35 However, without named authors and affiliations, readers lack information to judge the objectivity and credibility of such articles. Although this practice is the norm for newspaper editorial pages, it has fallen out of use in most peer-reviewed journals. One rationale for anonymity has been that editorials, signed or not, represent the official opinion of the publication or the owner of the publication. However, such anonymity distances the real author(s) from accountability. For many years, ...