Quick Search

What is a Quick search?

A Quick search looks up your term anywhere in the text of the AMA Manual of Style.

Running a Quick search

1. Type or paste the term you want to find in the Search box.

2. Click  or press Enter.

3. The results of your search are displayed in the results list.

4. Click on any of the items in the list to view it.

  • To search for a phrase, enclose it in inverted commas (e.g. “to be or not to be”).
  • You can use the wildcards * and ? in your search.
  • Padlocked books  are unavailable under your subscription.
  • If you are not satisfied with your results, try refining your results.

Quick search tips

If you have any problems with search results you receive, please check the following:

  • If you searched for an author name using initials, try again using only the author's last name.
  • Truncate words using the asterisk (*) to find word variations: reference* retrieves reference and references.
  • Pay particular attention to terms containing hyphens, periods or other punctuation. Punctuation is ignored and letters or numbers separated by punctuation are treated as separate words: Search IL-4 with il-4 or il 4 (with a space), but not with il4 (without a space). Search mRNA with mrna, not with m-rna or m rna.
  • Avoid Greek letters, superscripts, subscripts, and other special characters.
  • To search for an author name containing special characters, use the wildcard "*" to truncate the author name before the special character. For example, to search for articles by "Stefan Grundström" you should search for "Grundstr*".
  • If you used parentheses, make sure that they are matched.