Announcing the 11th Edition


We are delighted to welcome you to the online version of the AMA Manual of Style: A Guide for Authors and Editors, 11th edition, released simultaneously with the print book. The 11th edition has been a major undertaking: 10 committee members have revised 23 chapters, regularly meeting to discuss changes and updates, consulting experts in various areas, and drafting multiple revisions following external reviews. This has been a 5-year iterative process.

The manual has been thoroughly updated, including comprehensive guidance on reference citations (including how to cite journal articles, books, reports, websites, databases, social media, and more), an expanded chapter on data display (for the first time in full color), a completely up-to-date chapter on ethical and legal issues (covering everything from authorship and open access to corrections and intellectual property), and updated guidance on usage (from patient-first language and terms to avoid to preferred spelling and standards for sociodemographic descriptors).

The section on nomenclature has undergone thorough review and updating, covering many topics from genetics and organisms to drugs and radiology. The statistics and study design chapter has been extensively expanded, with more examples of usage and terms that link to a related glossary. Chapters on grammar, punctuation, abbreviations, capitalization, manuscript preparation, and editing feature refreshed examples and new entries (such as allowance of the singular they).

For more detailed information on what’s new in the 11th edition, see the slide set on this site.

The online manual is fully searchable. Content is available to download to PDF, and figures and tables can also be downloaded as PowerPoint slides. Content can also be shared via email or social media.

The nearly 1200-page book is enriched by a variety of online features. For example, regular updates to address changes in style or policies will be featured in the Updates section. Any corrections will be made online, so that you are always looking at the latest guidelines as you use the manual.

In addition, we will be updating and expanding the style quizzes (the 10th edition offered nearly 70 quizzes), allowing users to test their knowledge and offering teachers and managers a ready tool for helping individuals master AMA style.

Also returning is the interactive SI conversion calculator, which allows quick conversion of units of measure from SI to conventional and vice versa. Conversions to metric measures are also included.

The home page of the online manual includes news updates with information likely to interest users of the manual ( In addition, there are links from the home page to our Twitter feed (@AMAManual) and blog, the AMA Style Insider ( Both offer updates, additional information, and a venue for discourse with stylebook authors.

We welcome questions and comments on the manual (write to and look forward to engaging with you. 

~Stacy Christiansen, for the AMA Manual of Style Committee