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We’ve had an exciting year: as the classic hardcover AMA Manual of Style, 10th edition, has sold close to 30,000 copies, our team has been preparing the release of the new and much improved AMA Manual of Style Online. We’re delighted to share it with you now.

The beauty of an online style guide is that it can not only be corrected when errors are discovered but it can also be enhanced with additional features and updated on a regular basis. Since we launched the AMA Manual of Style Online in 2009, we have

  • posted monthly style quizzes (over 50 to date), allowing users to test their knowledge of the style and offering teachers and managers a ready tool for helping someone master this 1000-page book
  • begun to Tweet (2500 followers on Twitter to date @AMAManual), keeping users amused and informed not only about things in the Manual but in other style guides and in a variety of literature and blogs
  • begun a blog: AMA Style Insider (http://blog.amamanualofstyle.com) (over 100 posts to date, over 350 followers, and an average of 79 views per day), allowing more discussion of issues raised by readers, answering frequently asked questions of users, providing a platform for JAMA Network staff to explore specific usage and style issues in depth, and providing an opportunity for dialogue among users

The 1000-page book is enriched by these additional online features and, in this new online version, users can now link between the text of the manual and related quizzes and blog posts and vice versa. Not only are errors discovered in the print corrected online but, within the personalized My Style, the annotation functionality has been improved so that you can continue to update your “own copy” of the Manual. In addition, any changes in policy are now not only included in the “Updates” link but are actually updated within the online text (with a note indicating that the section has been updated) so that you are always looking at the latest style guidelines as you use the Manual.

We welcome your comments on the usefulness of these added features in the online edition. We also welcome your questions (write to stylemanual@jamanetwork.org). In short, welcome!

The AMA Manual of Style author committee


About the AMA Manual of Style 

The AMA Manual of Style is a must-have guide for anyone involved in medical and scientific publishing. The site has relaunched with a brand new look and feel and enhanced functionality. Our aim is to ensure the site continues to deliver the highest quality content, in an easy-to-use way, helping you find the information you need to produce well-organized and authoritative articles and research papers.

What’s Changed?

Users can view a What’s New Guide to see the new functionality of the site.

Librarians can also view our Migration Pack.

Why the AMA Manual of Style?

The AMA Manual of Style helps you save time by:

  • Searching the full-text of the print book – plus online only updates
  • Saving annotations, favorite chapters and commonly used searches within a personalization area, to quickly access in future sessions
  • Providing the content the way you want it — on-screen, printer-friendly view, or download to PDF
  • Enabling you to download diagrams, tables, and charts to PDF or PowerPoint slides
  • Helping you share content via email, print or social media
  • Converting units of measure quickly with the interactive SI Conversion calculator

The AMA Manual of Style supports librarians by providing:

  • Excellent customer support
  • COUNTER-compliant statistics
  • OpenURL compliance, connecting citations straight into the library’s catalogue
  • A clear Legal Notice and Privacy Policy, to refer to for issues such as printing and download limits
  • RSS feeds delivering the latest news straight to your desktop

Other Resources of Interest:

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Oxford Scholarship Online

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Obtaining access:

Subscriptions and 30-day free-trials are available to institutions. You can also purchase the Manual on Perpetual Access.

Individuals are also able to purchase subscriptions – from one month to a year

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