My Work

Signing up and Registering

To keep a search record between sessions, you need to sign up to My Work. Sign up in the top right corner of the window (just above the Search box), and follow the instructions given.

Signing in and Signing out

Signing In

To use My Work you need to make sure you are signed in at the start of a session. You are already signed in if your user name appears at the top right of the window. If not, Sign In and follow the instructions.

Signing Out

To sign out at the end of a session, navigate to Sign Out, in the top right hand of the Site Header and follow the instructions.

My Work

To view your personalized work record, make sure you have signed in, then click My Work (above the Search box at the top right of the screen).

 My Content

The My Content button shows you all the pages on the site you have looked at, including pages where any Annotations were made. Any sections/chapters you have chosen to save to My Work are listed here.

My Searches

My Seaches makes a log of any searches you have carried out on the Site. If you have chosen to save any of you searches to My Work they will be listed here.

To view any of the searches in the list, click on its title.

To rename a search, click Edit, type your preferred name into the Title field (making a note if you wish), then click edit.

Deleting Items

To delete an individual item , click its Delete option (under the Action column). To delete more than one item tick the checkboxes of all the items you want to delete, then click the delete button.

Saving Content and Searches to the My Work area

Search results can be saved to My Work so that you can return to them in later sessions. Before saving the results of a search, make sure you are Signed In and that the appropriate section/chapter or results list is displayed.

Saving a Search

To save the results of a search to My Work, make sure you are signed in and that the appropriate results list is displayed. Click . Edit the title of the search if you wish, and make any notes in the Notes field, then click save. The My Content and My Searches options keep a record of the sections/chapters you have viewed in a single session.