Reviews of the 11th Edition

Full of advice and examples on everything from style to statistics, the AMA Manual is an essential guide for those of us who write about medicine, edit such writing, or teach others to do these. Whether you keep this resource at your desk, bookmark it in your computer, or both, it deserves to be in easy reach.
Barbara Gastel, MD, MPH, Texas A&M University

Evidence-based medicine is literature-based medicine, and the AMA Manual continues to set the standards for preparing the medical literature. The information is relevant, accurate, complete, and accessible, and the writing is clear, organized, and concise. 
Tom Lang, MA, Tom Lang Communications and Training International

By presenting its sage advice in language that is accessible without being elementary, punctilious without being pedantic, the AMA Manual has secured its status as an indispensable and preeminent resource for medical writers and editors of every sphere.
Peter J. Olson, ELS, Sheridan Journal Services